the IE6 to IE7 upgrade

I’m using firefox as my default browser, but for testing and development i need explorer every once in a while. A couple of weeks ago, my microsoft update asked my to upgrate to IE7. So why not? well, always reluctant to install microsoft stuff, but if everybody uses IE7, i should at least test websites for this new browser.

So i installed IE7. What a bummer! I got an icon, but that was about it. Clicking the IE7 icon shows the hourglass for a fraction of a second, and then it exits immediately. So i uninstalled it and installed it again. Nope.. Then I reinstalled IE6. Works fine!

Next step: google the answer. Googling for “IE7 wont start” gives you this link: … ;spid=8722

Wow! microsoft already solved my problem!..but n o.. this wont fix it.
of course, further searching the microsoft site using their own search function never gives a valid clue.

so.. now what? Runing IE7 without plugins also doesn’t help. It just wont start.

uninstalling .net 1.0, .net2.0 visual studio and a lot of other apps? no luck.

So after a while I stumbled upon SFC. This utility is able to check *ALL* critical system files and reinstalls them if neccesary,
Running SFC /SCANNOW went well. I took about half an hour, and you only see a progressbar, no information, no logging and at the end, the program just exists without any report.. BUT it did the job: IE7 now starts. It took me about 6 hours to get IE7 working, but in the end i finally can test this great piece of work from microsoft.. Why can they *never* get their software right?