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De top van apple. Een terugblik

Het is nu meer dan een jaar geleden dat apple de iphone 5 introduceerde. Destijds bij de introductie stond de beurskeurs op een all-time high en groeiden de bergen voor apple tot in de hemel. Mijn voorspelling toen was dat het alleen maar bergafwaards kon gaan voor apple. Bekijk hier even het filmpje van destijds, september 2012:

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The Via Epia M10000 with Nehemiah cpu

Great stuff coming from via nowadays. I am experimenting with those via boards for a while now, and they are fun! Why buy a noisy, expensive 3Ghz intel or athlon, when all you need is a 600Mhz pc. On top of that, it does not need a fan, so it’s completely silent.


One of the boards are build into a cubid case, which is about the size of a car radio. I am preparing this one to be used in the car. (the cubid has an external adapter on 12volts and an internal dc-dc converter into atx and disk voltage levels) This is the first epia project. It uses a M6000 epia board, and the thing is called tutuut. Main goal is a 160Gb car mp3 jukebox, but watching divx in the car would be nice too) Tutuut is currently running redhat8, but will be converted to gentoo or fedora core2 soon. Specs:
EPIA M6000 600Mhz cpu (fanless)
256Mb ram
160G seagate disc (seagate discs are very silent!)
Cubid 3688 case, 12volt input, dc-dc converter on board, fanless.
The cubid case does not support 3.5″ harddiscs out of the box, but with a little effort it fits.


The other board is an epia M10000. It is build into a travla C137 case, which makes this a perfect fit as a tv-settopbox. A bit larger than the cubid case, but it supports one pci-slot with a pci-riser/corner card. The pci card in this case is a hauppauge pvr350, as this should be a linux-tivo box. It and has the option for a 3.5″harddisc standard (without drilling holes..) .
This machine is called montevideo, and is supposed to run mythtv ( , as this seems to be the best free tivo system at the moment. (in comparison with freevo, the other contender). The microsoft multimedia centre is not considered, as anything running on windows needs a 6Ghz processor to start with, and they cannot be bought as yet.