Mserv client for windows

Already for a few years, i’m running MSERV, a great opensource mp3 jukebox which is completely client-server and has a good rating- and genre system which allows it to play random music that corresponds to the current mood, current lister etc.

You can rate numbers as superb, good, normal, bad, awful etc. and it takes this into account to play numbers more or less often, depending on your rating. Everybody can rate, so this is a good jukebox to use with a group of people.

There are a few clients available, and I’ve taken MservClient as a base to further develop the windows client. MservClient is written by Marco Schulze and Marc Klinger, and can be found here. Because I’ve changed the whole concept of MservClient, I adopted a new name: Mserv4win. Also, there is not much left from the original code of mservclient. Mserv4win takes the look and feel from winamp and puts it on top of mserv.

One of the things missing in Mserv is a good “cover picture” feature, so I’ve also added an “x cover” command to get a cover pic from the server. The client still talks to the original server that does not support this command, but with this feature, the experience is a lot better.

Here’s a screenshot:

Download Mserv4win:
Download source (delphi7): sources.rar

If you want to patch your mserv for “cover” support, use this to patch mserv’s cmd.c and recompile: cmd.patch
or replace cmd.c with this version: cmd.c

make sure you put cover .jpg files in the same directory as the album mp3’s. Also, make sure the jpg is not too big (max 50k or so)