Simple Tabs for your webpage with php

I’ve just finished a new version of the icelandic-horses website. Because it’s a fairly large site, I decided to use tabs on top of the page, to make navigation simple and intuitive.

Just looking for what is available on the net, i found lots an lots of nice implementations, however, they all were very complex, used a lot of javascript or everything was done with images/tables. I wanted a PHP/CSS solution without images, and in fact, it turned out very simple, and looks like this:

(no javascript and only 1 image used: a transparant dot (a gif file of 1×1 pixel, transparant)

Here is the class code:

And here is the CSS. Acutally the whole “tab” look is done with borders in CSS:

And here is a sample how to use this class:

You could use separate php files for each tab-page, or use one “big” php file with all pages. With additem, you just supply the url of the page itself.
If you use separate php files, be sure to include the code above in every file (with an include)
The $curmenu var indicates which tab to highlight. Be sure to set it right, otherwise all tabls are grey